Testapparatuur voor tabletten, poeders en capsules

Hardness Testing

Het Sotax gamma HT Hardheidstester is aangepast volgens uw behoeftes:

MultiTest 50

The MultiTest 50 tablet hardness tester offers highest precision, robustness, and exceptional user-friendliness. From a basic tablet hardness test to complete measuring of up to 5 parameters - the MultiTest 50 has been designed for efficient operation.

SmartTest 50

The SmartTest 50 ensures fast and reliable testing for in-process control (IPC) and quality control (QC) labs. The patented SmartAlign™ system guarantees reliable orientation of samples in the integrated measuring stations.

AutoTest 4

The AutoTest 4 is capable of testing a wider variety of tablet shapes than any other automatic tester on the market. Practically any imaginable design is automatically positioned to measure weight, thickness, diameter and hardness (break force).

HT 100

The HT 100 automatically measures tablet weight, thickness, width, diameter or length and hardness for up to 10 different products or batches (e.g. tablets, dragées, oblongs, effervescent tablets or similar drug delivery systems).

Alle Sotax hardheidsmeters zijn uitgerust met het "auto-alignment" principe, waardoor oblong tabletten bij de hardheidsmeting volledig automatisch rechtgelegd worden.

Tevens kan bij elk toestel het meetprincipe voor de hardheidsmeting ingesteld worden volgens "contant force" of "constant speed" zodat de data-historiek intact blijft, of indien vergeleken wordt met andere apparatuur er geen meetverschillen optreden.

ISO 9001

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