Reiniging en Desinfectie

Bioreset PRO

The control of microbiological contamination is necessary to ensure that production and research meet the requested quality and safety parameters. Periodically VPHP bio-decontamination cycles should be carried out to maintain the required conditions and manage the risks that microbial contaminants are present to these environments.

The BioReset Pro is a bio-decontamination system that uses Vapor-Phase Hydrogen Peroxide as a cold sterilizing agent. It is lethal to all known microorganisms, chemically active against spores with proven kill rates, easy to handle and safer to use than other gaseous agents. This generator is designed for OEM applications where a small, simple package is beneficial. The BioReset Pro completely managed from PLC through Ethernet connection. With this remote control it is possible to manage each component of the instrument and all the different functions as well as all the alarm signals. The generator is very easy to maintain and it is adaptable to all customer needs.

ISO 9001

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