Microbiële Monitoring

Impact Air - Active Air Sampler

ImpactAir is a microbiological active air sampler designed for use in pharmaceutical cleanrooms or other highly controlled environments.

ImpactAir active air sampler is a "Slit to Agar" design using 140mm agar plates located on a rotating turntable to prevent twin impingement of impacted organisms, to minimise drying of the agar medium and to provide a time correlated deposition of captured microbes.

ImpactAir has been designed to optimise the impaction and growth of airborne microbial contamination down to 1 micron (d50 value of 0.45). This has been achieved by a combination of the design of the area of the slit, coupled with sufficient air flow (calibrated for accuracy at 28.3 LPM, equivalent to 1 cfm), giving an air velocity of 70 metres per second. The Physical and Biological Efficiencies of ImpactAir have been independently validated by Public Health England (with and without remote probe attached), to meet the requirements of ISO 14698, Part 1, Annexe B, for use of an appropriate active air sampler in an EU Grade-A clean room.

ImpactAir can be used as a stand-alone active air sampler; or as a remote sampler, allowing the instrument to be located away from the critical sampling point. To perform remote sampling, a maximum length of 8 feet (2.2 metres) of half inch (12.6 mm) bore stainless steel tubing, with up to 3 x 90 degree elbows (this set-up validated by P.H.E.), is attached over the slit assembly of the air sampler by a stainless steel bayonet cap and the other end of the tubing is terminated with an isokinetic probe adjacent to the critical sampling location.


  • ImpactAir has the ability to sample air over a time period that is determined by the user. A maximum impaction time for 1 plate has been validated at 4 hours. Shorter sampling durations are therefore easily accommodated. 
  • The volume of air sampled is fixed at 28.3 litres per minute (LPM), driven by an air pump. A Mass Flow Sensor is used to measure the flow-rate allowing the firmware to dynamically adjust the air pump’s speed.
  • 1 cubic metre of air is sampled in 35m 20sec.
  • The rotation speed is constant during a run. The speed is calculated by a combination of the Run Time and Plate Percentage, both of which are configurable through an administrator password access screen.
  • Each sample (an individual plate of agar), can rotate up to a maximum of 360°, and can be limited to less by the Plate Percentage setting.
  • Can perform an interval sample of 1 cubic metre, or monitor for up to 4 hours on a single agar plate
  • Automatic plate detection and dynamic slit-to-agar adjustment (to 2.5mm) throughout a run
  • d50 value measured at 0.45
  • Polished stainless steel case with borosilicate glass viewing window – excellent chemical compatibility and ease of cleaning.
  • A number of different handle options to minimise the risk of operator causing plate contamination
  • Run Data logging
  • Communications options (USB, Ethernet, Programming port, MODBUS protocol, RS485 remote screen port)
  • No particulates given off during operation, so no back contamination to the surrounding area.
  • H14 HEPA (EN1822) exhaust filter
  • A range of out of specification audio and visual alarms
  • Safe lid closure by safety struts, with a partial opening option included
  • Remote operator screen option
  • PlateMate tongs available to add a petri dish and remove its lid; and replace the lid and remove the dish,  without use of a hand, minimising operator contamination  
ISO 9001

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